Discord Bot

The RTS Bot stands for Real Time Support Bot, and provides on-demand mental health/crisis resources. It has a library of resources available to individuals when they need it most, and can be accessed via Twitch and Discord.

Adding The Bot To Your Server

What Do Bot Responses Look Like?

Here are sample Discord response for !anxiety

Bot Example - Discord - Anxiety

Using Bot Commands

Now that you have invited the RTS Bot into your community, you are ready to start utilizing all the resources and tools in the bot.

The bot's prefix for commands is ! and you can use !help to get info on commands.

To see a full list of resources in the bot type !list to show a list of all resource keywords

To retrieve information on a specific resource, take the keyword from the !list response and use that as a command like !anxiety to get the entry example from above.

If you would like to gather resources on your own using the RTS bot you can use this library or prefix !dm before each command, such as !dm anxiety. The response will be sent to you as a direct message. You can also directly DM the bot any command.