About RTS Bot

What is the RTS Bot?

The RTS Bot stands for Real Time Support Bot, and provides on-demand mental health/crisis resources. It has a library of resources available to individuals when they need it most, and can be accessed via Twitch and Discord.

If you would like to make the bot available to users on your Twitch channel or Discord server, here is how you can invite the bot to your community.



What Do Bot Responses Look Like?

Here are sample Discord and Twitch response for !anxiety

Bot Example - Discord - Anxiety Bot Example - Twitch - Anxiety

Using Bot Commands

Now that you have invited the RTS Bot into your community, you are ready to start utilizing all the resources and tools in the bot.

The bot's prefix for commands is ! and the commands for Discord and Twitch are very similar, but do have a few differences due to message size limits. You can use !help to get info on commands.

To see a full list of resources in the bot type !list Discord will show a list of all resource keywords and Twitch will show a list of resource categories. On either platform you can add a category name to filter the list results, such as !list crisis. You can also use !category to get a list of categories on either platform.

To retrieve information on a specific resource, take the keyword from the !list response and use that as a command like !anxiety to get the entry example from above.

Discord-Only Features

If you would like to gather resources on your own using the RTS bot you can use this library or prefix !dm before each command, such as !dm anxiety. The response will be sent to you as a direct message. You can also directly DM the bot any command.

Providing Resources to Individuals

When an individual is reaching out for support, its best to build a rapport with them and ask what's going on.

Hi! Thank you for opening up in the chat, can you tell me a little more about what's going on so I can give you the best resource for what you're going through?

This will let you explore what is going on, so you can provide the right resource for them while actively listening to their situation.

If the person is feeling depressed or lonely, providing resources for peer support networks may be a good next step for them. Which can be found under Crisis/Outreach in the RTS Bot with typing !list crisis. If someone is having suicidal ideations explain that you are not a mental health professional, nor is the platform for those conversations. Provide them resources for crisis line, suicide lifeline or 911 with !crisis, !suicide, or another option from !list crisis.

Thank you for sharing that with me, but I am not a mental health professional and this is not the right platform for this type of conversation. Here are some resources for someone that is available to listen and help work with you through this.



Suggesting New Resources

To suggest any new resources you may have found that you feel may be a great resource for others, feel free to use our suggestion form to submit them to us. Our team of professionals will review the suggestions for inclusion in our support library.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us through our email at support@guardiansmh.org.