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Self Care Plan

Self-care can mean a variety of things to different people, thus needing a personalized plan. However, there are a series of key aspects we can all utilize.

Developing a personalized self-care plan is and can be a daunting task. While the information discussed here is by no means a replacement for seeking professional mental health treatment, it can serve as a stepping-stone to bettering your mental wellbeing and helping with emotional regulation.

Often, people forget the need to take care of themselves, or simply push it back due to how busy their lives are. Unfortunately, this can have considerable negative consequences on oneself and the people around them. Self-care is not only what you do outside of work for leisure activities, but it involves your wellbeing in a variety of areas of life including, but not limited to: professional, psychological, physical and emotional. When we neglect taking care of ourselves, we may not automatically notice the impact. Lack of self-care can slowly lead to difficulties with emotional regulation and the possibility of developing burnout.