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Geek Theraputics

Being a geek can be seen as difficult for many; the social awkwardness, ineptitude, and judgment from others leads individuals to feeling isolated in a world of their own. Geeks, by traditional definition, are passionate about anthologies and characters from a variety of fiction formats that are sometimes niche or unpopular that they have feelings of relatedness towards in an often lonely life. However, with the rise of  popular media over the past several years, (e.g. Big Bang Theory, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s Avengers, Anime, etc.) self-identification as being a “geek” or “nerd” has become more mainstream. Geek Therapy encompasses many different paradigms of thought, intellectual curiosities, and specialized interests outside of “normal” social conformity. This can range from the more well-known areas of video games, comic cons, and TV shows to the less well-known topics of board games and verbose fantasy novels.  Yet, there are clinicians who use these geek cultural artifacts to promote social normalcy, community, reduce anxiety and depression, and help clients understand who they are through their interests. This is why we created these specialized trainings and seminars.